Paunch points

The other day, right, I was trying this hard sh!t down the wall and if I’m honest not getting very far.  I reckon I could have, but let’s face it it wasn’t happening.  And this guy came over and said:  ‘if you want to try that you should lay off the custard pies for a while.’  And I was like:  [inside] ‘F!ck the hell out of it!’.   He was skinny as hell, probably living off Ryvetas or whatever those young hippy sh!tes eat now.  Peope have this problem with normal bodies.  I mean what he should have said is:  to get that weight up as far as you are going must take one hell of a seriously hard crank.  Look at it this way.  If you were on Everest base camp and you saw one of those Sherpa Tensings without any weight on his back you would be like:  what the f!ck is that, that’s sh!te, can’t he carry anything?  What is the point of a Sherpah Tensing who carries nothing, especially since it’s all signposted now and you can just follow all the others anyway.   For some reason with climbing it’s all topsy-turvy.  We watch these dudes, actually often girls, skinny as anything, and go ‘respect!’ when their tiny fingers pull up their tiny bodies on tiny holds.  So what?!  If one of them tried to pull up my corpse on one of those holds, they would snap in f!cking two.


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