On the subject of climbing terms not yet coined.  Well, I wasn’t, but it sort of sounds good starting a post like that.  Noticed how there isn’t a word for the time when you end up getting your knee into some foothold or on a ledge or something.  That happens a lot with me, because after cranking out a few seriously hard moves I haven’t always got the necessary to get the toe over a ledge, and the knee works just as well.  So what about calling that ‘a genou’.  I think that’s French for knee.  Sounds good doesn’t it, and it would make it a bit cooler when you are explaining how you did some route.  After all why should you have to apologise for using your effing knee?  What are they for anyway.  And you could see whether they dared call you on it.  If they didn’t you would be like ‘you don’t know what the hell a genou is but you just nodded away like you did:  what a g!t!!’


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