Links to CrankMeister’s fave stuff

UKC:  the home of Brit climbing b!ollocks

The other UKC – for real, this is for dog owners!

The greatest climber that never was

CM’s lovemobile – I wish!

All hail Prince Sharming on WitnesstheFitness, which I reckon I could have a crack at if I skipped the eggy bread for a summer or two.

This has to go here by rights of course, it’s the orig Witness the Fitness.  Though if you ask me it’s a bit sh!t, like most Rap, and I hate stuff where you can’t tell if they are taking the piss or not.

‘Team sperm’ is this brill sounding site that is linking to my blog.  I don’t know who the f!ck they are but team sperm sounds like the kind of team the crankmeister would be in!  An effing world cup boulder crowd of thumbs way bloody up for that one!



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