Gaston=gassed on!!

Hey did you ever notice that?!  I can’t believe I only just clocked it.  F!cking hilarious.  Came to me this weekend when me and the Prof from Team Crank were projecting this 7a warm-up and I was belaying, minding my own business, and my mate was stuck trying to get out of this rest and he said ‘I need to be..’ and he went quiet, straining like, then he said ‘gaston’.  Brilliant.  Gettit?  ‘I need to be gassed on.’  I tell you what I f!cking nearly died laughing and almost dropped my can of Coke right there and then.  My whole body was straining to get out ‘I’ll !ffing well gass on you if you want it that much mate!’, but I was doubled up laughing and snorting.  The entire rest of the day we were at it saying ‘gassed on’.  And to cap it all, this geezer and his girl passed by watching us warming up a couple of hours later and we got chatting about the sequence, and every time he said ‘gaston’ we cracked up.  I tried to explain, but we got the giggles again and the old voice sounded like I was in pain, being strangled by my harness or something.  They didn’t seem to dig the joke and shuffled off.  Oh well.  Some people.  Gaston.  Gassed-on.  It’s even making me f!cking laugh just writing it.  Brilliant.  It’s like someone decided to call a climbing move a farton.  As in, fart-on.  Although I guess it’s not quite the same, because it’s sort of in the past isn’t it.  So it would be a fartedon.farton




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