No arms again.

Just on that, it isn’t the rich that bothers me.  All power to them, I’d like some of that, with all the cool gear there is to spend it on.  But it’s the arms.  I don’t mind thinking about guys with no legs and massive arms.  That’s fine.  But the other way round?  Nope, that’s not a thought I like to have popping into my mind at all.  I mean, if God told you you had to have two of Dave Graham’s limbs, you’d definitely take your allotment in legs, wouldnt’ you.  Having Sharma legs and Graham arms would be a disaster.  You’d never be able to take your effing shirt off.  But Sharma arms and Graham legs and you’d still get respect.  Acually, maybe the Sharm would be even better if he had Graham legs:  Has anyone discussed that? And: Hang On, That’s Not F!cking All.  What I’m saying here misses that Dave might actually be seriously well hung.  In which case if you really did have to take two of his limbs, you’d have a dilemma on your hands, because at some point you might be tempted to go for one of his legs and his you know wh!t, despite all the problems that would throw up.


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