What would Arnie like best: crimping or s!x?

That is what I am talking about!

Ever watched Pumping Iron?  If you haven’t, you should.  It’s f!cking great even though there’s no climbing.  Tell you what, it would have been cool to get those body-building geezers down the crag.  That would be immense.  The crankmeister would have been just the one to bridge that gap between the LA muscle scene and rock.  I reckon that both communities kinda dig me.  If you ask me, that’s the way the sport should go.  Watch those f!cking hulks get on giant holds, not these skimpy blokes or women no heavier than flies wriggling up stuff.   Anyway, Arnie once said that the pump he got from doing curls was better than s!x.  If you don’t believe me, google it, numskels, or better still, watch it.  I never got it until I found myself pulling  SERIOUSLY hard sh!t on rock.  If you are a crimp-fester like me, you’ll know what I mean.  That being said, it’s tricky to make the comparison right now.  Been some time since the crankmeister got himself into a proper off-width, if you get my meaning.  Hard to believe, I know, but true.  But next time I get to put my hand in the super-chalk, (bit of unwanted product placement there), I’ll try to get back on the rock while it’s fresh in my mind.  Knowing the kind of guy Arnie was, I reckon he was right though.


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