There’s a geezer on UKC who actually bagged that name!  Respect and two thumbs way up from the Crankmeister for that one!  Anyway, seeing that got me to thinking more about the subject of pulling at the climbing wall.  More specifically, on the topic of how to accommodate the odd clipstick extension when in close proximity etc.   When you are offering some unsolicited beta to one of the girlies it’s only polite to touch their waist a bit, and if they are half good-looking even that can get the blood going down to the Crank of the Meister.  So what to do about it?  I’ve got all kinds of bouldering gear from tight to baggy, and to be honest nothing has hit the spot yet.  Trouble with tight is you feel like you’re f!cking strangled.  And if there’s a pube caught down there you are in serious trouble we are talking A&E basically.  And worst of all it’s not even going to get noticed, which is pretty damned pointless isn’t it?   But then if you go loose, well, it’s darned dangerous.  There’s this guy at my local who has started wearing these pants I’d call Ali-Baba pants.  (And if you google Ali Baba you get the exact same pants so don’t go accusing me of not being PC).   I was trying to work out for myself what he was doing with these pants.  I was thinking at first it was a kind of ‘I’m a man of the big wide world sort of thing’, to attract the ladies who like that.  But maybe he’s thinking that this is the best way to deal with the fishing rod problem.  Listen if there are any climbing fashion gurus reading this (fair point, long shot) you should get onto it.  There’s a real gap in the market there.


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