Chick climbers: the crankmeister speaks

OK ladies, sensitive subject, but stuff has got to be said, and the crankmeister is the one to say it.  (And now is the time as the forums are full of stuff about this girl who has done E96c.  Somebody Caribineri or something.)  Has to be pointed out that there are bloody loads of them these days, and they seem to really get it together.  When I was at school there were a bunch of girls who had their own football game during PE and, let me tell you, they were f!cking sh!t at it.  So what’s going on?  I have absolutely no idea.  Anyway, fair doos.  But, at risk of repeating myself, it isn’t the same f%cking sport is it.  I’d like to know what Caribineri could get up if she had to haul up an a!rse and a belly the size of the crankmeister’s!  I bet she couldn’t even get herself out of her goddamned sponsored North F1cking Face tent, let alone equal crankmeister’s best trad lead.  (Well, what would have been my best lead had it not been another naffing sandbag HVS that’s basically E57c, especially on a fairly warm day and your hands are sweating like sh!t because you are cr!pping yourself.)


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