Walk-ins are rubbish

The one thing I can’t stand about climbing is the walk-ins.  And if you are into the nasty hard sh1t climbs I am sometimes the walk-ins can be immense.  One time I swear I was walking for like 15 minutes.  (When you’ve been on the trail for as long as the crankmeister, you have to go a long way off the beaten track, far away from your average punter).  Anyway, what’s the point in wasting energy on that.  They should bloody tarmac them all so you can drive right there, maybe even have the rope uncoiling from your goddamned boot.  How cool would that be?  Actually, if you sit back and think of the possbilities, the sky’s the f!cking limit.  You could have like a roof shelter over the top to keep the rain off, vending machines for beer or climbing stuff.  If you ask me the whole natural wilderness thing is plain old dead-end.


7 thoughts on “Walk-ins are rubbish

    • I like the sound of that, man!
      I crossed the pond once, climbed in a sh!te hole of a wall called the Manhatten Plaza Health Club, which was like climbing around someone’s f!cking cupboard. But I’m guessing you got more space than that!

  1. Ha.
    Try 2-1/2 hours of walk-in, and its uphill on some dirt trail that a goat wouldn’t even attempt when it’s legless. Used to happen to me with monotonous regularity, crankmeister. I came to recognize that climbers may have strong points to their personalities … but one of their inherent weaknesses is giving crappy directions. as in “Ohhhh yeah dude, it’s like the approach is from the bent tree on the road and its not bad, and there’s a dead crow on the trail so step over it, and when you get to the base of the crag the route is sooooooooo worth it.” And then 2-1/2 hours later you are covered in sweat, scratches, blood, and dust – and you still cant figure out where the route actually starts.

    On the positive side – all that stuff gave my lungs and heart so much strength that now I’m an old fart … I can still go out and climb! Some people my age are carrying oxygen tanks on their wheelchairs. Primeval Pete

    • 2 and a half hours?! I’ve never even walked that long. Once I missed the night bus after a session with the climbing lads and that took me 2 hours to walk home, but that’s including forty minutes stopped to barf it all back down a drain.

  2. Come and climb in the Drakensberg in South Africa – a full day walk-in is normal 🙂

    If you don’t enjoy the walk-in, stick to indoor. The walk-in is half the fun of outdoor climbing…

    Ps. nor tar is coming anywhere near my wilderness.

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