King Lines shoe conspiracy

Have you seen that Sharma video about King Lines?  The one where he falls about 50 times from that dyno (which if you ask me didn’t look that hard).  Anyway, what gets me about that movie, is there’s no sign anywhere of his stash of shoes?  If I was seriously cranking it on a deep water solo, I’d take with me a f!cking huge bag of shoes so I didn’t have to go in wet ones.  And you are not telling me the Sharm did that route in wet shoes.  So where are they?  Unless this vid is a con, somewhere there must be a bag about yey big of 50 to 100 pairs of whatever his sponsored thing is, in fact it would practically fill one of those little boats you need to start the route.  If the video guys edited out shots of his bag of shoes then if you ask me they made a serious stylistic error, because that’s the kind of realistic detail you should have in for the punters.  Also, it’s a safety thing.  Like you could get some geezer who doesn’t really know about this hard sh!t climbing stuff who shows up with one pair of shoes.  Then he’s off the wall in the drink, and for the rest of the day he’s got wet shoes and it’s like climbing on a wet window, possibly coming off, knocking his head and drowning.  All because they effing airbrushed the bag of shoes out of King Lines.  Some of these top dudes just don’t get it if you ask me.


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