Great deed poll prank about CRANKMEISTER

On the subject of changing your name by deed-poll.  Did you know that there was actually a guy who changed his name to ‘The Royal Bank of Scotland are  a bunch of w!nkers’ so he could force them to give him a cheque book with that on?!  How cool was that.  If you don’t believe me, google it, numskells.  [And let’s face it, the guy was kind of proved right, eh?]  Anyway, I could like change my name to ‘The CRANKMEISTER views McCleod’s inspiriational training advice to be a total waste of time since it’s just a matter of cranking seriously hard sh!t, a lot.’  And then I’d phone up Dave and ask him to come and do me some one on one coaching at his favourite crag, and then when the time came to pay for it I’d be like, Dave, would you take a cheque, and being a nice guy, he’d be like ‘sure’, and I’d get the cheque book out and write it out and say ‘there you go, mate!’ And then I’d just watch his face as he read it out to himself.  Anyway, this is not really about Dave at all, that was just an example.  None of them seem to get it if you ask me.


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