Crankmeister remake of Hard Grit?

I like me climbing vids a lot.  Some of them get me totally worked up.  Trouble is, I’m usually stuck in NE12 nowhere near a fr!gging crag, so I can’t taste the power coursing through my monster veins.  Anyway, some of them are great, but some of them are SOO f!cking neither here nor there if you ask me.  The worst is Hard Grit.  Now they got the name right.  It’s HARD and it’s about GRIT.  But there is so much quirky effing sh!t in there it does my head in.  I usually have to mute the volume to silence that tw!t who does the so-called humorous ironic sp!stic voice over.  [Sorry to any climbing sp!stics who are reading about that last word but it does hit the nail on the head].  And the stupid effing music.  So this thing is well set for a remake, and if any production companies out there are getting a hard-on at the thought of a Hard Grit – Crankmeister version then I am well up for it.  What we need is a bit more American LA hard rock stuff going on, with some more yessing and ‘Aaaagh’ and whooping like you get with those Californian free soloing films.  There must be some geeky bobble-hatted nerd out there who knows climbing and can do a bit of the old tappety-swipe stuff on the Mac or whatever the sh!te you need to recut things.  Come on, how about it?


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