UKC logbook request for new category – would’ve done it but.

Hey, you know what, everyone should get onto those poe-faced g!ts at UKC to add a new category to their logbooks for climbs you would have done but for a perfectly good reason.  I was looking on my account the other day and I couldn’t find a space for it and I thought – this is rubbish.  There are tons of climbs that I reckon I would have done but for something totally out of my control.  The other day I was trying to do this 7b, and if the sun hadn’t been been shining right where you needed to look for the clips, and I’d got some more sleep, and I’d remembered to bring my spanking new shoes, I am pretty sure I would have ticked it.  People look at your log and they see what you have ticked, but in my case that’s just the tip of the fr!gging iceberg, mate, there are hundreds more under there that I would have done.  Once I was asking this guy about a 7b he was doing, and he asked me what my best lead was, and I thought, Jesus, WRONG BLOODY QUESTION, but I knew I couldn’t tell him that there were loads of 7bs I’d already been on that I would have done, because he was that type of stickler for the old categories.



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