On the subject of taking over UKC

A lot of my posts are figuring some viral campaign to get UKC to sort out their sh!t, and it kind of dawned on me that you lot should bombard them with posts or something to get them to ask me to take over.  I could lick the damned thing into shape.  It’s the forums that really get me.  There should be a three strikes and you are kicked the f!ck out rule.  In fact, if I read one more time ‘I’m new to climbing but’ I reckon I will smash my laptop over someone’s head.  That should be a one strike and you are out rule.  If you are new to climbing, get the hell off to some other site for girls or something.  I don’t mean that about girls literally, it’s just a way of speaking.  But Christ, if you are new to climbing, keep your stupid !ss question to your self.  And then there are people selling climbing shoes.  I mean WTF?  Am I going to buy someone’s stinky goddamned shoes that would give me verucas the size of a smartie?  No I am not.  And then there are people posting about stuff that isn’t climbing.  Duh!!  This is a climbing forum you morons, I feel like saying.  Right now there is some geezer posting about Bradley Wiggins.  I don’t like it.  It takes the edge of the hard core feeling you want when you are surfing climbing stuff.  It’s like having some ballet music coming into a serious rap song you are trying to get into.  That wouldn’t be on would it? 


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