Trad and sport and all that

Something has to be said about this.  I mean, I am a pretty hard core trad-head myself;  I don’t do it much, but when I do I am darned hard-core.  But what is all this sh!t about bolting?  It’s been going on for years and years too.  My message is, if you don’t want bolts  interferring with your trad, don’t use them!  Duh!  Look, I was doing this sport route once that was bolted on an old trad line and, as you do, I just happened to have a few bits of gear on my harness, and cruising through the bolts I went past what was probably some old gear placement, and, did I use it?  No I f!cking didn’t.  But did I complain that that gear placement rouined my sport route?  No I effing well didn’t.  So why do other trad heads go on and on and on about it?  I mean if you think you can’t resist the temptation to clib a bolt, are you really serious about your climbing?  Jesus,  sometimes I really wonder.


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