Rock music route names are super cool

I really dig routes with names from Rock Music.  I can’t think of any off hand, but I reckon I climb at least three grades harder if it has got a seriously cool digging name.  Actually, probably four.  When I’m on them I can just hear those dudes doing their stuff on guitar or whatever and it really helps.  One day, when I get myself a drill and all the gear, I’m going to stick up a route and call it something mean like Purple Haze, and I reckon I would get up it even if it was a goddamned 8b.  [I’m not actually saying I can’t climb 8b now.  I mean, I can’t, but there are tons of reasons for that, and there’s no telling what I could climb if I could bloody laze around for years in a transit van making videos.]  Just to prove my point, one time I got onto the bottom of Action Direct in the Frankenjoora, that’s a climb with a seriously rubbish name, and it felt impossible!


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