Clipsticking is underrated.  That’s a topic I’ll come back to.  Anyway, the other day, I was doing this sport route, and I thought that the first bolt was a pretty bold thing, and if you came off clipping there was definitely going to be hell to pay with an ankle or something, so it seemed like fair doos to clip that first bolt.  So I clipped it.  But then when I got up to the second, I reckoned there was a pretty damned good chance of decking if you got the shakes and fell right there, especially if you accidentally took out too much rope or something.  So I clipped that.  And then looking at the third, it was sort of funny looking, and I reckoned that if that one failed, the force of it might make the second one pop, and then you would definitely deck and you are talking curtains.  And although the fourth bolt was good.   It was a damned long way from the third, and the feet weren’t good there, and if you fell you’d be onto the dodgy third, which we’ve already gone through, so I clipped the fourth too.  There was no way I was going to lead the fifth, it was  a total death trap, so I clipped that, and anyway before you know it I’d clipped all eight.  Anyway, eventually, after hanging on the rope a bit, not much really,  I lead it totally clean with the eight bolts clipped.  Rock on!


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