At least v9, probably v10

The other day I was down the route trying this move on a V6.  I couldn’t do it, not the whole problem, but I could do this one move, not the way it was set, I couldn’t do it that way, but I could do that one move a different way and it was seriously hard I mean I think the way I was doing it was maybe at least v9, probably harder.  I haven’t done a v9, but I reckon I have got a pretty damned good idea what v9 is, after all these years climbing.  This guy came up to me and tried it, doing the move the normal way, and I pointed out my way and said I thought it was harder, and he just looked at me very strangely, and I thought:  what a total g!t.  If you don’t listen to advice once in a while, you are never going to get any better.


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